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God I Suck

2009-07-09 22:55:55 by Mystenigma

...I can't find a free flash animator...and I can't get my ideas for music from my mind to my comp... :( I f anyone actually reads this, please suggest some programs for me to use. *sigh*


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2009-07-09 22:56:54

Flash, anything else will be blammed on sight.

Mystenigma responds:

Well, duh, but I googled it and only found ones you had to PAY for! I find that rather stupid. Oh well. I prob just mistyped in some horrific way.XD


2009-07-09 22:58:22

water on mars, :D i get it

Mystenigma responds:

XD Thanks fo noticing! But... why did you say so as a reply to my post? They have nothing to do with each other. PM me next time. XP