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Light Believer, WiP

2009-09-11 22:29:04 by Mystenigma

I have started working on a song, and it's coming along nicely, if a bit amateur sounding. Maybe. I'll let you decide. I'm going to post it as a WiP soon, so I can see what YOU think. Enjoy! Hopefully.

I don't do this enough...

2009-09-04 02:18:56 by Mystenigma

I don't get on here enough... and I need more time with FL. School, and everything... I just don't have the time... MAN, I need someone to teach me on the intricacy's of FL, too. *sigh* My experiments with it aren't working, either. I have tonnes of ideas, but I just can't get my ideas into FL.

God, I'm miserable.

In the meantime:

I don't do this enough...

How I discovered FL Studio.

2009-08-20 05:02:19 by Mystenigma

I decided to tell how I found FL studio. Don't ask me why, I don't know either. For the fun of it, maybe? Anyway, I was browsing Youtube, and there are a lot of videos with anime fan-art and, more importantly, trance music! I saw a comment about how most DJ's use Fruity Loops Studio. I thought that whoever he was, he might be making fun of FL by saying Fruity Loops. Turns out that WAS the real name. XD I then proceeded to forget about it completely. Eventually, I discovered Kazm0. He mentioned that he uses FL, so I finally thought to look into it. Such awesome music, all round, and even Newgrounds was using it... I found it, got a demo, and loved it. I didn't hack it thanks to Youtube. *cough* And it DEFINATELY wasn't at... uh... I can't find it. XP If I do find it, and I remember, I might post it later...maybe.

It's a shame you can't post sarcasm, isn't it? Instead, you need to post sound effects.

...I talk too much.


2009-08-19 05:59:30 by Mystenigma

I just finished reading the rave manga. It had a happy ending, so why do I feel so sad? :,(


2009-08-08 06:35:06 by Mystenigma

I have FL studio. Not just that, either. I have FL Studio XXL! Just fiddling with it at the moment... soon, I shall work on actual music! Also, I really like FL-chan. :D


I Still Suck

2009-08-02 03:57:59 by Mystenigma

I think I've given up on flash... don't think I could be bothered. So, instead, Just focus on music programs for me, if you want to help.

God I Suck

2009-07-09 22:55:55 by Mystenigma

...I can't find a free flash animator...and I can't get my ideas for music from my mind to my comp... :( I f anyone actually reads this, please suggest some programs for me to use. *sigh*